Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time flies or can it be flys

MasyaAllah! Its been almost a year since I started the page.And all this while I thought its been just a time ago that I'd started the blog.Kept postponing. Procrastinate is the word. It'll get me nowhere. No good! Must make a point to write at least once a week and then increase. I promise myself today,tonight that I will write. and write I will.
There is so much I'd like to write about.Each time I relate the experiences I went through , people say "Why don't you write a book Cikgu and share it out" and I'd say ' That's what I meant to do when I retire but I have not got down to it yet.' Well I didn't anticipate working after retirement. Come to think of it I didn't retire at all. Retired from the government..yes laaa! But stop working?...No Laaaa. Had three months grace cos birthday was in September. Started again January following year. And its into the tenth year now. TENTH YEAR!!!
When I retired from the govt I was head of a govt school. Since then I have and still am head of a special school belonging to a non-profit-making NGO. And the things I learnt from the former schools and the present school!
Aaagh! Its late. I had a long day today attending a leadership course. And will be having another long day tomorrow. Better go to bed. You're not that young anymore. You need a good sleep.
Hi there's something wrong about the time stated in the blog. Its actually 12am 'DONG! DONG! DONG! Cinderella would have dropped her slippers by now! and the page records a queer ridiculous time, far from the truth! Must get my son to check the PC.


  1. heeeeee...selamat berblogging SEMULA.. :)

  2. Thank you Mahirah Abd..You inspire me to write more.


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