Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today Thursday 28th May was report card day which my centre termed 'Open Day'.Generally, almost all parents ,I say almost because one family had gone home to India ahead of holiday time,one mother had to be in her school as it was report card day too and father was out-station, another father had to pickup mother (outstation))were reasonably agreeable to all comments made regarding the special students;their strengths and weaknesses, their independence and capabilities and steps to take during the holidays so as there is continuity.Praise be to Allah for when parents are positive in accepting teachers' suggestions and vice-versa who is to gain? The student of course! It was another beautiful day at CEC.

This reminds me of.... way back in the 90s when I headed a school and it was end of year report card day. It was one of the national schools in town.An elite school it was! Father was not happy child had been placed in the 2nd class.Insisted his grades was what it was because he had the wrong company.Unfortunately 'the wrong company' had a wee bit better grades then the child concerned. And there were eight others who did better then both of them.

Which means that if I agreed to move him to the 1st class I had to fairly move to the 1st class 10 students and that would make 40 students.

I turned around and told the child..You need to work smarter next year so that you can be in the first class. Now ..promise your father that!

Just three months short of a year I retired.I heard that his grades never change.....but his class? His father went home smiling.