Monday, April 27, 2009


Today, wise parents of a student answered our invitation. They came with an open heart. Teacher, parents and I sat and listened to one another.There was a lot of listening, explaining, understanding, accepting, agreeing and swallowing. Thoughtful thinking.reminiscing and nodding.
It was a beautiful situation. The meet cleared up the mist. And to whose advantage? Alhamdulillah THE STUDENT, then the parents and of course the teachers.

If only all parents are cool, calm and willing to hear.

Unfortunately, over the years, I have seen parents jumping up and down excitedly , swinging their arms in fits of anger, screaming their hearts out and pointing fingers only to realise their folly at the end of a session.

These egoistic bad mouth species most times do not even know what class their child is in, who the teacher is nor who,what, when,and why he is upset.

But this morning was a beautiful morning. Thank you parents. May your son do well in life.


  1. Waaaa!!! I am SO PROUD of you Ma! Blogging!!?! Pandainya mak akuuu!!! I am SO proud you are my mum!! :D Alhamdulillah.. I am so blessed. Mmmmuaaah!

  2. Thank you Lin! I am proud of you too.And you taught me to be computer savvy. Aaahah! You got me into this and noooooowww I'm eddicted.
    "SLEEP NO MORE!" Hehe! Wish got friends my age to chat in here.


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