Friday, April 10, 2009

The MOOD of the week.

Lots of reports had to be completed.Everyone was busily working on the computer between classes. It was a healthy atmosphere.Having to complete work on time....having a deadline seems to make people work seriously. When there is no deadline, humans tend to take things for granted and tag along or are slip- short in their performance.
It is so true.
Humans need to have goals.
They need to have a time frame to achieve their goals
They need to be monitored.
However hard working they are. if there is no time frame, no monitoring, no check and balance. no praise, hard working humans will turn lazy, careless and lose focus.

AAAAAAAaaaaaaagh! We are humans after all!

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  1. sgt tension...hihihi..... tp demi CADS ape sj utk mu...yeah.... :)


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