Friday, November 5, 2010

Hmmm! What about Teachers!!!!! Teachers are human beings too.
Those years teachers are great .They are teachers because they want to be teachers.
they teach,they guide,
they lead,they cried,
they love and smile ,
they walk the mile.
they cheer, they jump for joy,
they yell they scream no doubt,but full of pride,
they share, they do not despair.
They were a great team!! A great team they were!
Why were they so? I guess
Parents trust
parents believe.
Parents support.
Give full authority!!No way students can getaway!

Alas....Teachers were given mendatar...menegak....melintang
and the war rage on.You menegak melintang you do the job lah!!Why
Me? huh!
What? Really!! Can't believe it!! OK! That's it!
Why should I?
What do I get? Hehehee!
Are you joking!!
Waa! like this sure melintang ma....n!!

Do you know who I am?
oklah tak marah... buatlah apa suka!!

gaji tetap jalan:)

Awak ni selalu masuk class lambat.Tak bolehlah camni.
Awak pilih jadi guru kenalah beri contoh baik.

Saya bukan nak jadi guru!!Saya nak jadi batik designer.
....Mak suruh jadi guru.

Kenapa awak cubit budak ni?.Sebagai guru mestilah sabar.
Saya bukan nak jadi guru Puan.Ambition saya nak jadi Polis Inspector....

Kenapalah awak minta jadi guru!!
Kerja lain tak dapat.Dapat jadi guru.Saya bukan suka tapi nak buat camne!!

Dah dapat jadi guru tu kerjalah elok-elok.Kan berkat.
Cikgu ingat senang ke buat kerja yang kita tak suka?

Fortunately there are still the good ones.Not that many.but there are.Thank God!!

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