Monday, June 15, 2009

The world is a stage

When being checked or told off , however gentle one does it, the reaction one gets will always be the same .
If it is A, he will accept/agree and go all apologetic ; shows remorse and promises to change or not to repeat.
If B, he will look at you in disbelieve and pause, swallowing all your comments and suggestions and starts being in the defensive
If C, he screams, shouts , just don't listen, keeps repeating his why when who what how and then condemns himself and use that as his shield for what he sees as an attack on him (his low self esteem actually) , far away from the main point
but if D, not only does he screams shouts about not being appreciated respected but starts listing all YOUR faults.
Thank you ALLAH for HELPing ME to be strong and to move on .

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  1. Must teach me how to be A! Please ALLAH, help me be A.


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